A 10-year limited warranty is given only for spring components on all our mattresses and similar products (products with spring). Please read the terms and conditions carefully before proceeding with warranty services.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The limited warranty is available only to mattresses and similar products manufactured by Guhdo Spring Bed and our Subsidiaries.
  • Our limited warranty only covers the repair of spring components. We do not replace.
  • The limited warranty only covers manufacturing defects on spring components used under normal conditions. It does not cover any other faults or defects caused by shippers other than ours, retailers, resellers, and wholesalers.
  • The limited warranty only covers manufacturing defects on spring components with a visible indentation or sag of 3cm or more when no weight is applied to the mattress or similar products.
  • When materials or parts are unavailable during repair, we reserve the right to substitute materials of equal quality.
  • We will reuse all layers, including foam and quilted fabric, to cover and sew the mattress. We do not replace any other materials apart from spring components.
  • Your warranty card and the original purchase receipt with the appropriate date and retailer stamp must be presented when the limited warranty is claimed.
  • All our mattresses and similar products are under a limited warranty from the date of purchase. Please ensure your warranty card is stamped and dated appropriately during purchase.
  • The limited warranty will become void after the product is repaired and coverage is not renewed or extended.
  • Guhdo Spring Bed reserves the right to refuse warranty services for all our products when deemed necessary.

This warranty does not cover:

  • We do not cover the transportation cost of collecting your product for warranty claim. Transportation costs for the product collection will be charged to you when you claim the warranty. We will deliver the product back to you after services. Please get in touch with our customer service for estimates.
  • We do not cover product damage caused by physical abuse or improper use, including but not limited to burns, tears, cuts, soiled or stained, bent or excess pressure, products directly placed on the ground without support from our foundation, and an unsanitary environment.
  • We do not cover products supported by a foundation (divan) made by another party. Our foundation must continuously support your mattress.
  • We do not cover normal wear and tear of products, including but not limited to stains, discoloration, and softening.
  • We do not cover products damaged by natural disasters, including but not limited to floods, storms, typhoons, hurricanes, fires, and earthquakes.
  • We do not cover products purchased from unauthorized retailers. Please get in touch with our customer support for information on authorized retailers.
  • We do not cover defects for any repair done by another party. Repair made by other parties will cause the warranty to become void.

Body impression:

  • Small indentations are expected on any surface of the new mattress as it gets used to your body contours. This indentation does not constitute a manufacturing defect.